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Publication pdfs are available through Allison Veach's Google Scholar and ResearchGate profile. You can also contact her directly (

27. Ruffing C, Veach AM, Schechner A, Ruegg J, Trentman M, Dodds WK. Prairie stream metabolism recovery varies based on network position and antecedent hydrology after a bank-full flood. Limnology & Oceanography. DOI: 10.1002/lno.12182.

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4.  Veach AM, Dodds WK, Skibbe A. (2014). Fire and grazing influences on rates of riparian woody plant expansion along grassland streams. PLoS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0106922. PDF  ***note correction PDF

3.  Dodds WK, Veach AM, Ruffing C, Larson D, Fischer J, Costigan K. (2013). Abiotic controls and temporal variability of river metabolism: multiyear analyses of Mississippi and Chattahoochee River data. Freshwater Science. 32:1073-1087. PDF

2.  Veach AM, Bernot MJ, Mitchell JK. (2012). The influence of six pharmaceuticals on freshwater sediment microbial growth incubated at different temperatures and UV exposures. Biodegradation. 23:497-507. PDF

1.  Veach AM, Bernot MJ. (2011). Temporal variation of pharmaceuticals in an urban and agriculturally influenced stream. Science of the Total Environment. 409:4553-4563. PDF

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